How To Help

This is a list of various activities required to keep the affiliate working. Please consider how you could help and volunteer with us. For additional information contact:
Office (may get the answer machine); 315-986-9915 Email:
Family Selection:
The family selection committee is responsible for reviewing applications of potential home owners. For each selection period, they interview the applicants. Based on findings the committee makes a recommendation concerning the appropriate candidates.
Family Partnership:
Family Partners work with selected families and new home owners to help them adjust to their new home and the responsibilities of home ownership. Family pratner provide guidance in areas as obligations (taxes, mortgage, etc) or yard & home maintenance. Partnerships are expected to be continued for at least one year but often become long term friendships.
Site Evaluation:
Every potential site must be examined for suitability. The organization considers each site with respect to lot size (ample but not extravagant), legal considerations, cost to build on, and potential issues for a habitat family. Houses built by HfHWC must provide suitable, affordable homes.
Fund Raising:
Over the years, the organization has conducted many different fund raising events including walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, golf tournament, and dinner auctions. New ideas and volunteers who are willing to help with or organize events are always a need.  
Public Relations:
Our public relations sub-committee is responsible for producing our newsletter and for press releases for important events. Typical events are ground breaking, house dedication, and fund raising events. Currently, this committee maintains site

Volunteer Coordination:
A volunteer coordinator will help make sure we have appropriate construction volunteers. This person will work with the construction manager during a build.
Board of Directors:
The Wayne County HfH maintains an all volunteer, working board of directors with a minimum of 13 members. In order to optimize the value of contributions, our volunteers do not take payment for their service even at the level of directors and officers. Typically, directors are also members of the sub-committees which are responsible of many of the tasks above. The Board operates according to rules and responsibilities as defined in the Bylaws which include 4 elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer).
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